Ready to role leaf in multi flavors made from natural tobacco leaf obtained and prepared by premium quality Tobacco Produce, Matured by the experts and freshly packed with blended flavors to add an extra to your rolling experience.
Each packet comes with 2 ready to roll leaf wrappers, it comes in reusable packet and freshly delivered to your doorsteps.
New exciting flavors
Blue Ice for refreshing tobacco taste with menthol for a long lasting refreshing taste.
Cream foamy flavor wraps in creamy tasty flavor blended with the natural tobacco wrapper leaf.
Natural flavor is the original tobacco leaf wrapper flavor, for those who love the taste of it.
Palma aroma flavored Wraps with sweet tinkling palm flavor
Sweet Aromatic is the flavored sweetish taste that buzzez the buds while puffing

FrontoLeafMaster Tobacco Leaf